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Oct 7

Skyline (by K.Koniotis Photography (@ninoscy))


Skyline (by K.Koniotis Photography (@ninoscy))

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Leaver's Quotes

  • Friend 1: I'm unzipping my pants, I mean sleeping bag.
  • Friend 2: That's a big pair of pants.
  • Friend 1: they're [insert girl name]
  • Friend 2: Why are you wearing her pants?!?! o.O

A Time For Thinking

After my net went down, and i had zero signal on my phone because of the shitty weather, i watched zombieland. I realised that being “isolated”, so to speak, was actually rather nice for a change. There was none of those pathetic “look at me” facebook status crap, or the “im going to post about every fucking thing to get attention” shit. It was weirdly nice to be able to watch a movie, chilling im my bed and just not give a shit.

Not being able to send or receive a txt, not worrying about whats going on in the “facebook world”, just enjoying the solitude. I just didnt feel the need, so to speak, to go on facebook and see what was going on in other’s lives.

Sometimes its nice to just get away from everything and just have that alone time, where u can just…….. not give a fuck.

The world is a screwed up place, theres a lot of crap that goes on everyday that we, as humans, always seem to burden ourselves with, even if it doesnt concern us at all. We seem to want to get involved in everyone else’s crap, and forget about ourselves. We all seem to care about stuff we say we don’t care about. It all comes down to curiosity, and that can sometimes get us into trouble in one way or another.

You may, or may not agree with me when i say, it’s a healthy habit to step back once in a while and put yourself into the “me” zone. Yes, care about other, but don’t forget about yourself. After all, it IS your life. Caring about who you are is important as others are not what sustain you as a human.

Think about it, you are probably the most important factor of your life. Without you, well, there wouldn’t be a you. No-one will ever be able to replace you, or who you are.

Be the person no-one else, but you, can be…

my amazing camera :D

my amazing camera :D